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No matter the position or industry, two things that all successful individuals and organizations have in common are the accountability that comes with professional coaching and a relentless drive for improvement.

This is where Derek Schenck comes in. Derek is the Founder and Executive Coach of Peak Performance coaching; a coaching and consulting company laser focused on the pursuit of excellence. Derek brings over 30,000 one-on-one coaching sessions with some of the top agents and teams from across the country, teaching hundreds of seminars across the country, and his own personal and professional growth to his clients in an intentional effort to help them define their vision, inspire action and execute a plan to realize their goals.

Derek is no ordinary coach- he has the unique ability to entertain and inspire while guiding his audience on an engaging journey of self-discovery to create lasting change that matters. His years of experience coaching and consulting with businesses of all sizes has led to his mastery of leading groups both small and large through custom and highly valuable conversations.


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